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© Nora Jacobs

Nora Jacobs lets humanized slugs cross the public spaces of Linz and they appear again and again on the city’s sidewalks and town squares. These draw attention to supposed normative ideas about gender in Western Societies in the shape of simultaneous hermaphrodites. The horizon broadens, because, as with these animals, there are individual people who also identify as diverse genders and live different kinds of lifestyles.

Age 2

Nora Jacobs (Austria)

Austrian premiere
Performance at different places

Idea/concept/realization/performance: Nora Jacobs
Choreographic assistance/performance: Martina Rösler

Here are the times and places to experience the crawling slugs: 

16.06. 17:00 Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität, Park 

17.06. 13:30 Landestheater Musiktheater, Vorplatz

18.06. 18:00 Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität, Park 

20.06. 14:00 Botanischer Garten

20.06. 18:30 Landestheater, Vorplatz

23.06. 09:30 Landestheater, Vorplatz

24.06. 20:30 OK Platz

...they will crawl for half an hour.