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After the festival is before the festival

You could see it, feel it and hear it everywhere in the city.

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Happy Birthday - down the rabbit hole!

What a SCHÄXPIR b-day bash last night...

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A Midfestival's Dream: We all are SCHÄXPIR!

Theatre can happen anywhere and anytime!

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Let's dance! Bodies speak louder than words

SCHÄXPIR is ready for take-off. An impressive selection of dance theatre plays deals with timeless, current and universal questions of our society.

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Let’s face it!  Politics & the world we live in

Some theatre plays are just perfectly spot on when it comes to nailing political situations.

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Hitting the road for SCHÄXPIR 2019

Our SCHÄXPIR tramway is hitting the urban landscape of Linz today

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Festival trailer is out now. Get hooked!

A short journey through the visuals of all past SCHÄXPIR festivals.

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The time has come! The tickets for this year's jubilee edition are online!

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Together and green into the future!

We are impressed and proud of the young generation who is willing to take their future, but also our world’s future into their hands. The world-wide movement surrounding the topic of climate change and sustainability is an essential first step towards a re-thinking and that is something that we owe to the young generation of children and youths.

SCHÄXPIR also wants to do its part and so it will be a green event once again this year.

Because it is…

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Turn around and enjoy the view!

Let's lean back and go down SCHÄXPIR's memory lane together.

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SCHÄXPIR 2017 is over

On Saturday, 1 July 2017, the ninth edition of SCHÄXPIR came to an end. The diversity of the performances, genres, presentation forms, aesthetic approaches, age groups of visitors, music trends at the Nightline, and educational offers during the ten days of the festival was tremendous, as was the interest of the public.


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Program Presentation SCHÄXPIR 2017

On Tuesday, 25 April, the festival program for SCHÄXPIR 2017 was presented during a press conference in the Upper Austrian Press Club.

With Governor Thomas Stelzer presiding, this was the official start for ticket reservations and happy anticipation of many fantastic productions.

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