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Today’s Audience is Everyone.

As a theater festival for young audience SCHÄXPIR is a site of art for all: from children to teenagers to grandparents, all the way to babysitters – they are all our audience. SCHÄXPIR brings the most diverse people together and enables countless cultural encounters with theater experiences.

SCHÄXPIR has been connecting people and disciplines since 2002. Artists from the local scene in Linz and Upper Austria come together with established international theater-makers and up-and-coming artists, creating impulses that resonate beyond Austria.

Across all backgrounds and generations, the festival shows what theater can do, all that theater can be: a utopian place, where wild fantasies can be transported into real political possibilities, a place where people talk to one another, listen to one another, fantasize, argue, and formulate visions; a place where people do something together, a place where they can see their own stories, experience them differently, and rethink them.

This understanding of art takes place practically in the form of drama, dance, performance and musical theater on our stages and beyond them with our educational offers.

SCHÄXPIR seeks to make room for social-political issues as well as for aesthetic experiences, absurd and fantastic thought experiments.

We work and grow with our audience.