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© Stefan Eibelwimmer

Sina Heiss always approaches her themes in an interdisciplinary way between the music, body and space. In „#schalldicht“ we are given headphones and are lead by her into the shenanigans of four locked-up-by-accident teenagers in a sound studio. In the involuntary time together they are forced to face the grand themes of life like love, pizza, oceans, proximity, and distance. As a listener one can decide for themselves which plot line to follow.

Information: Age limit must be respected. The audience operates with headphones.

Age 13

Theater Phönix (Austria)

World premiere
Austrian premiere
75 min

Acting: Sofia Falzberger, Alduin Gazquez, Kerstin Jost, Adrian Stowasser
Text/Direction: Sina Heiss
Sound design: Manu Mitterhuber
Choreography: Katharina Senk
Stage: Gerald Koppensteiner
Costumes: A. Daphne Katzinger
Lighting design: Gerald Kurowski
Dramaturgy: Sigrid Blauensteiner

This play is also available in a digital version: https://phoenix.casper.is

Theater Phönix, Großer Saal:
17.06 19:30
18.06 19:30
19.06 11:00
19.06 19:30
20.06 17:00