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© Bettina Frenzel

I have so much energy that I could burst! We wrestle and fight. We are searching for our power animal, we investigate who is how strong, and see what hurts more: pinching, biting, or pulling your hair? Where to put all that energy? With all its fury, despair, and exuberant joy, that ends in an embrace that is much too tight. In “RANGELN”, different perspectives about physical confrontation and negotiating strength are opened up. In a poetic, sensual, and absurd manner the performers take a look at the many-sidedness and the self-empowering potential of this ancient form of play. This shows us a vast cosmos of possibilities: What can we learn from baby kittens wrestling? What can we learn from each other? How does a competition work in which we make up our own rules? We investigate quiet and loud wrestling, wrestling for attention, just wrestling with our bums or our words.

Age 7

ZUSHG (Austria)

55 min

Performance & Development: Sarah Zsivkovits, Kajetan Uranitsch, Emmy Steiner, Michael Haller
Dramaturgy & Development of the piece: Sarah Gaderer
Outside Eye: Marcus Zett
Rangelcoach: Rino Indiono
Music Coach: Milly Groz, Siruan Darbandi
Costumes: Laura-Lee Jacobi
Production: Julia Haas
Light: Michael Zweimüller

Ursulinenhof, Ursulinensaal:
19.06 10:00 (fully booked)
20.06 10:00 (fully booked)