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© Bart Grietens

„Plock!“ tickles all the audiences senses by being a Circus-Sound-Theatre. Buzzing cans, dancing colors and colorful sounds are used by painter Jakob who tries to recreate the painting of his idol Jackson Pollock. He shows an all-out-effort and instrumentalises all his body party, but no matter how he twists and turns; his painting doesn’t resemble the original.
The Grensgeval ensemble is an appeal to everyone who - now and then - loves to paint over the edge.

Age 4

Grensgeval (Belgium)

55 min

Concept/Direction/Acting: Hanne Vandersteene, Mahlu Mertens
Acrobatics/Acting: Jakob Lohmann
Sound concept: Stijn Dickel (aifoon vzw)
Costumes: Sofie Rosseel
Dramaturgy: Mieke Versyp
Lighting Design: Jeroen Doise, Saul Mombaerts
Technique: Rinus Samyn, Korneel Moreaux
With the support of: De Vlaamse Overheid, Stad Gent, Via Zuid, Aifoon
Made possible by: De Grote Post, Dommelhof, Circuscentrum, De Kopergietery, De Kriekelaar

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Performance exclusively for schools, hoards, kindergartens bookable: 22.06 10:00

Tabakfabrik Lösehalle:
20.06 10:00 (fully booked)
20.06 15:00 (fully booked)
21.06 10:00
21.06 16:00
22.06 10:00 (fully booked)
22.06 17:00