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© VRUM Performing Arts Collective

The VRUM Performing Arts Collective show us, what really goes on in the nighttime, when allegedly everybody is fast asleep. Based on motifs of Wolf Erlbruch's book of the same name, "Nachts" invites us on a journey into the darkest time of day: sounds turn into symphonies, buildings reach into the sky and the moon is taken from the sky. In the nighttime, nothing seems impossible, even more than during the day – especially in our current reality.
„Nachts“ celebrates courage and imagination, confronts the monsters under the bed and shows how one can jump over their own shadow.

Age 4

VRUM Performing Arts Collective, SCHÄXPIR (Austria/Croatia)

SCHÄXPIR Co-production
World premiere
50 min

Directed by Sanja Tropp Frühwald
Dramaturgie: Cornelius Edlefsen
Dance / Performance: Jolyane Langlois
Music: Oliver Stotz
Equipment: Thomas Garvie
Video: Wolfgang Pielmeier
Lighting: Dina Marijanovic
Production Management: Till Frühwald
Production: VRUM
Co-production: Schäxpir Festival, Kliker Festival

Performance exclusively for schools, hoards, kindergartens bookable: 24.06 09:30

Landestheater Linz, Studiobühne:
23.06 10:00
23.06 14:00
24.06 09:30
24.06 16:00
25.06 13:00
25.06 15:00