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Hold Your Horses

© Bart Grietens

Hold Your Horses is a dance concert about the desire to hold on. De Dansers tell their story with twelve hands, including the accompanying bodies, and a few guitars. We see hands grasping, mistaking, touching, taking off, falling down and plucking guitar strings. We see passion and distance. We see the passage of time, fixed in a tight rhythm. We see people, sometimes close to each other, sometimes endlessly far away. We don't see horses, although we do feel them. We don't see the whimsical world that we can't get a grip on. We do feel it slip through our fingers. 

Hold Your Horses is about the urge to hold on to something or someone, in a world that is becoming increasingly elusive. Six performers bring the performance to life with dedication and musicality. Hold Your Horses has a spectacular, acrobatic movement language, and never loses its human sensitivity. As one body, the dancers move in a continuous flow, propelled by Guy Corneille's live music full of compelling guitar compositions and gripping songs. 
Hold Your Horses is partly created in Berlin, had a residency at Schäxpir Festival 2021 and premiered in Berlin and Utrecht in September/October 2021. After the theater tour in The Netherlands Hold Your Horses was programmed as a location performance at various (international) festivals in the summer of 2022.  

Age 14

De Dansers, Theater Strahl, SCHÄXPIR (Netherlands/Germany/Austria)

Austrian Premiere
Theater Strahl x SCHÄXPIR Co-production
60 min

Choreography: Josephine van Rheenen
Live music: Guy Corneille
Dancers: Yeli Beurskens, Liam McCall, Youri Peters, Arturo Vargas, Marie Khatib-Shahidi, Guy Corneille
Stage & Light: Timme Afschrift
Dramaturgy: Moniek Merkx
Productionhelp: Theater Strahl Berlin, Anna Vera Kelle, Florian Bilbao
Production: Danae Bos
Management: Miriam Gilissen
Supported by Gemeente Utrecht, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, K.F. Hein Fonds, Fonds 21, SCHÄXPIR Festival



Theater Phönix:
22.06 19:00
23.06 10:00