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© Reinhard Winkler in einer Bearbeitung von Stella Wiemann

How is the value of a human-being defined? This is the question Russian author Yefim Zosulya deals with. Written immediately after the October Revolution of 1917, the book describes a grotesque and at the same time frighteningly true scenario of a seizure of power. The Committee of Supreme Decisiveness and its leader Ak make sure that the senseless human dalliance leaves life. But Ak gets second thoughts after a while and disappears: Chaos breaks out.

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Age 15

Studierende der Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität, SCHÄXPIR (Austria)

SCHÄXPIR Co-production
Austrian premiere
60 min

With: Rebecca Hammermüller, Leonie Jacobs, Gemma Vannuzzi, Patrick Ljuboja, Kaspar Simonischek, Nils Thomas
Director & Stage design: Katrin Lindner
Costume design: Stella Wiemann

Performance exclusively for schools, hoards, kindergartens bookable: 22.06 10:00

Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität, Studiobühne:
18.06 18:30
19.06 18:00
20.06 18:00
22.06 10:00
23.06 18:00
22.06 20:00
26.06 20:00