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© Ugo Dehaes

This play invites us to help robots to improve themselves to be better humans. And this, by the most poetical and physical form of expression: dance. The audience may move eight robots, tune them to their liking, and therefore, enhance the development of their dancing skills. The great goal of this is that one day there might be the possibility of a dance performance solely created by artificial intelligence. Ugo Dehaes introduces us with Project Forced Labor to ethical issues concerning the interchangeability of men and machine.

Age 10

Ugo Dehaes (Belgium)

Austrian premiere
50 min

Installation by Ugo Dehaes
Music: Roeland Luyten
Sockets: H[art]wood
Production: kwaad bloed
Co-production: C-TAKT, Feikes Huis Amsterdam
Supported by VGC 
Thanks to: Rebecca Flores, Gertjan Biasino, Marie Peeters and the AI Experience Center of VUB.

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Performance exclusively for schools, hoards, kindergartens bookable: 25.06 09:00 and 25.06 11:00

Ars Electronica Center, Future Lab:
24.06 18:00
25.06 09:00 (fully booked)
25.06 11:00 (fully booked)
25.06 16:00
25.06 20:00
26.06 11:00
26.06 16:00
26.06 20:00