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★ & Twelve Tales Told

© Johann Lurf

Clear night skies collected throughout cinematographic history are put into chronological order. An image that seems to be absolute and relatively static to the human eye turns out to be extremely diverse. It does not only change due to the technological possibilities, but is also very much shaped by the various trends throughout history. Even until today it is hard to record this moving image.

TWELVE TALES TOLD In “Twelve Tales Told” Johann Lurf creates a structural melody of found footage from the intros of the big Hollywood studios. In between, various logos and status symbols keep interrupting.

The MILIEUKINO is a project by Max Kaufmann and is located in a lorry that was especially remodelled for this purpose. By pulling a lever, the back of the lorry is transformed into a foyer with a cash register and a bar. The cinema itself can hold fifteen people, sitting on cushioned folding chairs on a downward sloping platform. The projection is either digital or with a 35mm-filmprojector. The cinema can therefore be set up any and everywhere, even in spaces where there has not been a cinema in a long time. This is not only a place for films, but for cinema itself.

For all ages

Johann Lurf (Austria)

130 min

Will be shown as a double feature

Urfahraner Marktgelände, Milieu Kino:
20.06 19:00
20.06 22:30
21.06 19:00
21.06 22:30
22.06 21:30