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Time Play

© Wannes Cré

Cooperation makes us stronger! So it makes perfect sense that SCHÄXPIR and the Festival of the Regions (FdR) work together. Both festivals stand for sustainability, take place in public spaces, and deal with crucial questions concerning the society we live in. And this year they even take place at the same time!

The FdR will take place from 23 June until 2 July 2023 in the region along the Summerauerbahn railway line. Under the motto “High Time”, the festival represents artistic responses to current questions about our future. The interface with SCHÄXPIR is the central train station in Linz.

JUMP, STOP, HIGH, WOW! “Time Play” is a location specific performance in which two dancers challenge each other and the audience in a playful manner. Inspired by various different children’s games, the performance becomes a ping-pong-duet of words and movements. Back and forth, front to back, and again and again and again. The audience is invited to join in and actively deal with the dancers through interactive tasks, thereby “Time Play” has the potential to be highly surprising.

Age 5

LAP (Belgium)

Austrian Premiere
In coperation with Festival der Regionen
60 min

Pay as you can - Registration required via Festival der Regionen

Concept: LAP (Dafne Maes, Danaé Bosman)
Choreography: Danaé Bosman
Dance & Tasks: Magali Casters, Lara Deruyter, Dafne Maes, Ehren Verrelst
Music: Linde Carrijn
Costumes: Elise Goedgezelschap
Technique: LAP

Hauptbahnhof Linz, LDZ Vorplatz:
24.06 10:00
24.06 17:00
25.06 10:00