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The Milky Way

© Alek Kawka / VRUM Performing Arts Collective

“The Milky Way” is all about interactive play, dance, and exploration in an installation for the youngest and their parents to walk or crawl through, that you can experience and touch. Objects, forms, and colours inspire the audiences to move freely through the space, to wander around and enjoy different perspectives, to explore the space, to be active or to relax in the soft environment. Every object stimulates the senses in a different way. “The Milky Way” invites audiences from the ages of six to eighteen months to become part of an artistic experience of immediacy that touches all the senses, full of colour, music and movement. The grown-ups are invited to actively take part, and to support their children and create and share experiences together. 

6 - 18 months

VRUM Performing / Arts Collective (Austria)

40 min


Idea, Concept & Performance: Sanja Tropp Frühwald, Gat Goodovitch, Till Frühwald
Music: Oliver Stotz
Set design: VRUM, Mael Blau
Assistant Set design: Camilla Smolders
Light: Christopher Corsmann
Production manager: Natalja Kreil


Sonnenstein Loft:
23.06 14:00
24.06 11:00
24.06 14:00