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Once You Glimpse in the Corner of My Eye

© Ivan Strelkin

In this interdisciplinary and interactive performance exhibition, the audience experiences an immersive journey through spaces and fantasy worlds woven out of visuals, many-faceted performative materials, and soundscapes. In this imagined world, human beings believe to be AIs, and AIs want to become human; personal memories can be stolen and experienced in many different ways; even plants and digital devices act out scenes.

The Spätschicht puts on four shows in the evening at Salonschiff Fräulein Florentine that lies anchored on the Urfahr banks of the Danube. The well-known and popular collective Spätschicht consists of various artists and experiments on the interface of theatre, film, and music. For SCHÄXPIR they invited special artists from the areas of music and performance on two evenings to create ecstatic and unique events. On the other two evening the collectives dares to go into the deeper waters with a piece developed specifically for the festival.

For all ages

Spätschicht, Flirty Horse (Austria)

90 min

In german & english language
Free entry

Choreography: Kasija Vrbanac Strelkin
Text: Ivan Strelkin 
With: Kasija Vrbanac Strelkin, Ivan Strelkin 

Salonschiff Fräulein Florentine:
21.06 21:00