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© Andreas Etter

The story of „kreuz&quer“ is told with wit and creativity through the language of dance. It is a story of caution and curiosity, of the foreign and the common as well as sharing and cooperation. Two dancers take everyone - the adult and the young audience - on an exciting and entertaining journey by using various improvisation techniques which were choreographed by Felix Berner.

Age 3

tanzmainz / Staatstheater Mainz (Germany)

Austrian premiere
35 min

Choreography: Felix Berner
Music: David Pagan
Equipment: Ronja Bendel
Dance and theater pedagogics: Marian Grün
Rehearsal and play direction: Alessio Attanasio
from and with dancers: Jorge Soler Bastida, Thomas Van Praet


Tabakfabrik Lösehalle:
18.06 15:00 (fully booked)
19.06 10:30
19.06 15:00 (fully booked)