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© Koen Broos

Inne Goris takes us on a multi-faceted expedition through an unfamiliar house. Most of the time we only know houses like this one only from the outside. Without knowing who the people that live in it are. What sounds you can quietly listen to inside of it or what stories may be waiting inside for us to be discovered and told. Using headphones we will explore room by room and we will sensuously uncover hidden riddles that wouldn’t reveal themselves to us in everyday-life situations.

Age 8

LOD muziektheater (Belgium)

Austrian premiere
Language: English
45 min

Concept: Inne Goris
Installation: Stef Stessel & Koen Broos
Text: Laura Broekhuysen
Translation: P.C. Evans
Composition: Wouter Snoei
Musical director: Romain Bischoff
Voice of the daughter: Florence English
Voice of the mother: Lisa Gunstone
Realization: hetpaleis & De Brug
Technical coordination: Nic Roseeuw, Erik Moonen
Technician: Pino Etz
Production manager: Rozemarijn van Kalmthout
Production: LOD muziektheater & hetpaleis
Co-production: Silbersee

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Performance exclusively for schools, hoards, kindergartens bookable: 18.06 11:00

Posthof, Großer Saal:
17.06 13:00 (fully booked)
17.06 16:00 (fully booked)
17.06 18:00
17.06 20:00
18.06 11:00 (fully booked)
18.06 13:00
18.06 16:00
18.06 18:00
18.06 20:00
19.06 11:00
19.06 13:00
19.06 18:00
19.06 20:00
20.06 11:00
20.06 13:00