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The yearning of touching something or somebody with bare hands is the center piece of „Hold Your Horses“. Six performers bring the dance-concert to life with the help of rough guitar music and melancholic songs between tenderness, faint, and tragicomic reality. Not once looses the acrobatic language its touch of human sensitivity. As an audience we are a part of a work-in-progress presentation that handles the topics of holding on and letting go.

Call this number to find out if the play is taking place due to bad weather. Weather telephone: +43 664 6007288701

Age 14

De Dansers, Theater Strahl Berlin, SCHÄXPIR (Netherlands, Germany, Austria)

SCHÄXPIR Co-production

Choreography: Josephine van Rheenen
Live music: Guy Corneille
Dancers: Yeli Beurskens, Noemi Wagner / Marie Khatib-Shahidi, Liam McCall, Youri Peters, Arturo Vargas

Höhenrausch Parkdeck:
25.06 20:30
25.06 21:30 (fully booked)
26.06 20:30
26.06 21:30