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In this content collaboration, the two artistic directors of SCHÄXPIR Theatre Festival, Sara Ostertag and Julia Ransmayr, developed a play about the workers’ settlement on the Ennsleite. Throughout various stations the historical development of the settlement is looked at. It covers the start of the construction in 1913 until today. „Geht’s uns ned guad“ is presented as a hybrid theatre course at the Landesausstellung in Steyr.

Call this number to find out if the play is taking place due to bad weather. Weather telephone: +43 664 6007288701

Age 10

Landestheater Linz, OÖ Landesausstellung, DAS SCHAUWERK, SCHÄXPIR (Austria)

SCHÄXPIR Co-production
World premiere
Austrian premiere
ca. 120 min

Director: Sara Ostertag
Text: Julia Ransmayr
Set design: Nanna Neudeck
Music: Paul Plut
Video: Jonatan Salgado-Romero
Performers* Videos: Karina Pele, Isabella Campestrini, Wenzel Brücher
Live performance developed on site by DAS SCHAUWERK (director: Stefanie Altenhofer)
Players: Julia Frisch, Stefan Parzer, Laura Enzenhofer, David Baldessari and students of the ROSE ORG Steyr

Performance exclusively for schools, hoards, kindergartens bookable: 24.06 10:00

Steyr, Jukuz Ennsleite:
17.06 14:30 (fully booked)
20.06 18:30 (fully booked)
23.06 18:30 (fully booked)
24.06 10:00 (fully booked)
24.06 18:30 (fully booked)
25.06 18:30 (fully booked)
26.06 11:00 (fully booked)
26.06 18:30 (fully booked)