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© Jörg Landsberg

Two generations and two genders equals a quartet. Together the actors and actresses create spacial and humane encounters of a special kind. Birgit Freitag paints a colorful image of different long-life paths with her Choreography. These paths intersect again and again with new connections through mutual questions about the origins of life or the future. „Für Vier“ has been awarded for the German Theatre Prize DER FAUST.

Age 10


Austrian Premiere
60 min

Performers: Anna Jäger, Hanna Mencz, Julian Anatol Schneider, Raúl Stadler Torrijos
Concept/Choreography/Direction: Birgit Freitag
Stage and costumes: Lea Dietrich
Music: Michael Henn
Dramaturgy: Rebecca Hohmann
Lighting concept: Horst Mühlberger
Technique: Jörg Hartenstein, Willy Klose

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