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© Sepp de Vries

“EXPERIMENT MONSTASCHULE” is a playable theatre piece from everyone from the ages eight and up – and is explicitly for children AND adults. It deals with what is considered to be “different”, and having a positive dialogue with those who we seemingly do not understand.

In a sort of open-world-game the audience moves (together with the “Monstas”) through different rooms in a fictitious school. By doing this – through a number of collective games and the solving of puzzles – they breath life into the story. And two worlds that are usually separated from each other are put in a direct exchange with each other.

In “EXPERIMENT MONSTASCHULE” the trans-cultural group FUTUR2 dares another attempt at thinking one step further concerning cultural participation. In short workshops the artistic core team will further develop the idea of the school and that of the “Monstas” together with artists from Linz (children and adults) – and will let them act them out.

Age 8

FUTUR2 (Switzerland)

Austrian Premiere
60 min

Performance is not barrier free

Language: Monstaric ;-)
Previous knowledge is not required

By and with: Stephan Q. Eberhard, Melisa Su Taşkıran, Edith Sophia Godau, Téné Ouelgo, Sabahet Meta, Antonio Ramón Luque and artists from Linz (adults and children).
Thanks to Marie-Isabel Vogel, Giacumina, Yves Regenass, Germaine Sollberger, Carmen Kuster, Irina Battaglia, Priszilla Medrano, Rolf Hellat, Simon Walker, Jasmin Kiranoglu, Tren Guerrero

BRG Fadingerstraße:
16.06 12:10 (fully booked)
16.06 19:00
17.06 14:00
17.06 17:00 (fully booked)
18.06 11:00
18.06 17:00 (fully booked)