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Die Irrfahrt der MS. Florentine

© Eva Stöflin & Georgi Sarkezi

“Them that live in the water, they have ways of calling people.” In an adventurous plan sequence, performers, audience members, and bar guests meet in the Florentine. A rag-tag ensemble of crew members and travellers have to issue a distress call on the high seas and veer off their course. Can the gods help? Stormy choreographies and compositions of sea faring music waft through piercing bolts of lightning songs, the seagulls screech along to the two-part score of the poetic image of yearning travel, and in the end everything turns octopus.

The projecting of the events filmed live, as well as the live film itself can be watched from the shore, or you can watch it unfurl in the bar and become part of the plot.

The Spätschicht puts on four shows in the evening at Salonschiff Fräulein Florentine that lies anchored on the Urfahr banks of the Danube. The well-known and popular collective Spätschicht consists of various artists and experiments on the interface of theatre, film, and music. For SCHÄXPIR they invited special artists from the areas of music and performance on two evenings to create ecstatic and unique events. On the other two evening the collectives dares to go into the deeper waters with a piece developed specifically for the festival.


For all ages

Spätschicht (Austria)

World Premiere
Co-production Spätschicht x SCHÄXPIR
In two parts: 2 x 90 min

In german & english language
Free entry

Conzept: Spätschicht
Regie: Bene Steiner
Composition: Milan Conic
Live-Music: Milan Conic, Enrique Mendoza Mejía, Patrick Pillichshammer, Miloš Čolović 
Arrangements & Vocals: Sabine Rechberger
Stage & Costume: Emily Kuhlmann
Assistance: Eva Stöflin
Choreography: Nuría Giménez Villarroya
Camera: Georgi Sarkezi
Sound: Julia del Rio, Franz Pichler, Daniel Hütter
Production: Sarah Plattner
Mitwirkender Kulturverein Spätschicht: Jakob Hofbauer
With: Ben Bekir, Anita Brokmeier, Nuria Gimenez Villarroya, Sabine Rechberger, Johannes Steger

Salonschiff Fräulein Florentine:
22.06 20:30
23.06 20:30