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© Marcella Ruiz Cruz

The incredibly fantastic journey of the tin soldier has been newly interpreted and revises the infamous story by Hans Christian Anderson. The adventure of the discarded and unwanted toy figures inspires us to reflect upon how we treat each other and especially how we face those who are different from us. It tackles the issue of what ownership really means to us.
This new version by Roland Schimmelpfennig was directed by Mia Constantine.

Age 6

Burgtheater Wien (Austria)

Shown in the context of SUPERSTELLA*21
(Nominated in the category "Herausragende Produktion für Kinder" at STELLA*21)
60 min

Director: Mia Constantine
Stage and costume: Brigitte Schima
Music: Andreas Radovan
Lighting: Enrico Zych
Dramaturgy: Maike Müller
Tin soldier: Tilman Tuppy
Paper dancer: Lili Winderlich 

Posthof, Mittlerer Saal:
21.06 16:00
22.06 16:00