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© Nevski Prospekt

„Amen und Aus“ tells about loss and the question of how to deal with it. In addition, the play tells us about genuine friendship and of the relentless passion that is needed to let the biggest dreams come true. Lastly, it chronicles the fine line between genius and madness.
With this production, Nevski Prospekt once again creates a physical, intimate and poetic performance for a young audience with a great deal of lightness and humor. This time his work keeps its balance between comedy and thriller.

Age 5

Nevski Prospekt (Belgium)

55 min

Concept/Choreography/Play/Dance: Gregory Caers, Ives Thuwis, Wim De Winne
Stage: Giovanni Vanhoenacker, Astrid Verplancke, Jeroen Doise
Lighting: Jeroen Doise

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23.06 17:00 (fully booked)
24.06 10:00
24.06 16:00
25.06 17:00