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© Marie Pircher

Bum Bum Pieces tell the tale of an old and discarded manufacturing robot and his human caregiver through all the phases of everyday care in a retirement home. The ones who aren’t able to work anymore, seemingly have no usage or meaning, until the bittersweet memory of the one song of your youth flashes up in your mind. A musical chamber play about dealing with old age and dementia as well as the value of a human being and the beauty of something with no tasks to fulfill.

Age 12

Bum Bum Pieces (Austria)

60 min

Idea & Concept: Bum Bum Pieces (Simon Windisch and Nora Winkler)
Director: Simon Windisch
Robot animation & live vocals: Nora Winkler
Performance: Victoria Halper
Music: Manfred Engelmayr, Robert Lepenik
Robot construction: Stefan Bauer
Assistance: Andrea Meschik
Dramaturgy: Kai Krösche
Production: Siglind Güttler, Bernhard Werschnak

Depot Schillerstraße 47:
17.06 17:00
17.06 20:00
18.06 17:00
18.06 20:00