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© Anna van Kooij

What value do our individual decisions still possess after becoming part of a large set of data? There is nothing but numbers left. In „#2 BIAS“ the audiences individual decisions are requested and needed. On the basis of an algorithm our true identity is to be revealed. As a result, the question, if our choices distinguish us from others or are nothing more than mere illusions, arises.

Age 14

playField. (Belgium)

Austrian premiere
80 min

Concept: playField
Thanks to Carine van Bruggen & Mitch Van Landeghem
Stage design: playField.
Performance: Mathilde Strijdonk & Trine Thielen
Co-production: VIA ZUID talentontwikkeling & Cultura Nova Festival


Performance exclusively for schools, hoards, kindergartens bookable: 25.06 10:00

OÖ Kulturquartier, Ursulinensaal:
25.06 10:00
25.06 14:00
25.06 19:00
26.06 14:00
26.06 18:00