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Magic Moments

Theatre education. Often an entirely hollow term in contemporary language. What we mean when we say it?

Young people can show us things that others may not be able to see. This is how we can learn together and from each other. The amazing thing in this case is its immediacy. What we can build on is imagination. What we strive for is openness. The SCHÄXPIR festival wants to give this a place, or maybe even a stage.

How we understand this: SCHÄXPIR is like the lower jaw, and all the potential audience members are the upper jaw, and we are like the chewing gum in between. Others may call it theatre education, but that does not go so well with peppermint flavour. Our festival – just like theatre in general – lives from audience members, participants, and curiosity. That mixture creates new stories and that is wonderful, magical, minty, and full of colour. And so theatre education may just be a hollow term for one of the most colourful areas in theatre. This is where you come in: You and me, we all write stories – even when we don’t notice. Always new. Always our own. And that is a good thing, because we always experience new and magical moments. For example when we find out that the letters for SHAKESPEARE also make up the letters of RESHAPE.

We are looking forward to you sharing your magical moments with us, all the things you discovered and experienced, or maybe those moments when the magic was lost. Tell us about your MAGIC MOMENTS!

Magic Facts
What: Writing down and sharing your magic moments
Who: Everyone who is interested
Where: In selected venues
When: During the entire festival
How: Take a pen and paper, write it down, and post it (yes, offline!)

Magic Story

Theatre is old and a thing of the past. Maybe even the distant past. Cinema was yesterday. But maybe that isn’t the case at all, and theatre can be young, real, and immediate. We can find this immediacy of storytelling beyond plays, texts, and stages. The magic of the story.
What is that supposed to mean? Theatre can adapt, can transform and will always be as young as the people who make theatre, who watch and experience plays. The most important thing is always to do. To speak, to throw out, to invent, to tell stories, to talk to people, and so much more.
The SCHÄXPIR festival will develop an entirely unique piece together with a school class. We are looking for students with ideas, stories, costumes, texts and stages. Whether in school, at home, in the public space, and especially in ourselves we can find that spark, that infectious feeling of a good story. And now? Now we do and tell stories!

What: Creating and telling magical stories
Who: A school class
Where: Everywhere
When: Starting now
How: Contact us at infosymbolschaexpirpunktat / +43 664 6007215691

Magic Places

Participative AudioDancePerformanceProject

Explore the venues and their surroundings with us through listening and dancing! What sort of magical places can we discover and make real? How can we see a place in a new and magical light through movement and dance instructions? Let us find out and create an AudioDancePerformance together over three weekends that we can then try out at the festival together with audience members.

Magic Facts 
Who: Experts of the day-to-day, 14+
What: Shine a magical light on everyday places through solo and group movement and dance instruction we create and try out together with audience members during the festival


20 May 11:00AM-13:00
21 May 11:00AM-13:00AM + 02:00PM-04:00PM
3 June 11:00AM-13:00AM + 02:00PM-04:00PM
4 June 11:00AM-13:00AM + 02:00PM-04:00PM

Wie:How: Contact us at info@schaexpir.at / +43 664 6007215691

Magic Places


Let us conquer the city together through dance and discover all those magic moments around our venues! Through headphones you will hear the voices and the choreographies of our AudioDancePerformers and the SCHÄXPIR team.

Magic Facts 
Everyone over the age of 12
What: Magically exploring everyday places through dance
What else: Bring your own headphones
When: 16.06. 17:00 OK-Platz
             17.06. 14:00 OK-Platz
             17.06. 11:30 Musiktheater 
             18.06. 11:30 Musiktheater
             23.06. 17:00 Posthof
             24.06. 17:00 Posthof
How: Contact us at info@schaexpir.at / +43 664 6007215691

Magic School

What is (even) better than reading all of this info in a program booklet? Magic, ecaxlty! If you had to read that twice then we have already completed our first orthographic magic trcik. Ha! We did it again! But because we know how long such education days can be, we will let off from tricks and get to the point: we invite you to invite us! We are happy to come to your class directly in your schools. There we can offer a free theatre workshop for everyone who is interested (students and teachers). Contact us now and get to know our festival and our plays better.

Magic Facts
What: Workshops (individual wishes surrounding the topic of theatre, acting, etc. can be made)
Who: Every interested student and teacher
Where: Directly at your school
When: Starting now
How: Contact us at info@schaexpir.at / +43 664 6007215691