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© Laura Steiner

A picture of our invisible nocturnal co-habitant, who we share our living space with, is created through performing and musical levels. In literature, the badger is presented as stubborn and unyielding but is sometimes also displayed as thoughtful and calm. A play about expectations and prejudices in which Pip.Performances playfully illuminates brand-new aspects all while showing us how to conquer our own fears.

Age 5

Pip.Performances (Austria)

World premiere
45 min

Concept/ Choreography/ Performance: Emmy Steiner
Composition/ Saxophone/ Performance: Astrid Wiesinger
Choreographic advice: Martina Rösler
Stage & Costume: Christian Schlechter & Birgit Kellner & Brigitte Moscon
Lighting: Birgit Kellner & Mirza Kebo
Musical advice: Milly Groz
Dramaturgical support: Manfred Weissensteiner
Outside Eye: Sabina Holzer
Production: Julia Haas

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Landestheater Linz, BlackBox im Musiktheater:
17.06 14:00
17.06 17:00
18.06 10:00