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Magic - the Story of Stories

Schäxpir Festival 2023 (c) Land OÖ

People who say they don't believe in magic should be asked if they believe in art. Or whether they believe in an invisible force that shows us the possibility that nothing is fixed and everything is possible. At best, they should go to the theater, where transformation and change take place. Where you can dream away, be surprised and be enchanted at the same time. Where magic reigns!

Schäxpir 2023 is dedicated to magic. It poses the question of what is real and what is invented; what is simply claimed by performers, or just - magical. Theater is a magical place where stories are created from stories, stories are told about stories, and the question is always: who is telling whom about someone? Times like these call for special kinds of storytelling. Stories that ask the question whether what is supposedly real is really real, or whether the invented has not already caught up with reality. We will establish tools of "fortune telling", divination and dare to take a look into the crystal ball. We just need some m a g i c here!