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KLUB CLUB_opening

MO, 24.6.2019 | Ab 21:00 | OÖ Kulturquartier, UNTEN | free admission

Schmusechor (visit us on Our Website / Facebook / Soundcloud)

United SISTERS of Queertopia
ft. Denise Kottlett & kim kartrashian east (visit us on Facebook)

KLUB CLUB_midfestivalparty

MI, 26.6.2019 | Ab 19:30 | OÖ Kulturquartier, UNTEN | free admission

All projects from the KLUB CLUB_workshop

Liver  (visit us on Facebook / Soundcloud)

DJ Andaka   (visit me on Facebook / Soundcloud)

KLUB CLUB_allnightlong

FR, 28.6.2019 | Ab 20:00 | OÖ Kulturquartier, UNTEN | free admission

In the KLUB CLUB_allnightlong poetry and dance meet audio play and
Post-Punk, feminist rap and cultural sciences meet technoid light grids,
and experimental PostClub aesthetics meet cozy and warm dream Pop
sounds. Everything is real, just not reality.

Love Good Fail   (visit us on our Website / Facebook / Bandcamp / Youtube)

Culk   (visit us on Facebook / Youtube)

Kerosin95   (visit me on Facebook)

Ashida Park Label Showcase   (visit us on Bandcamp / Soundcloud)
Amblio   (Soundcloud)
Antonia XM   (Soundcloud)
Nahshi   (Soundcloud)

Demut vor meinen Texten, Baby
with Elena Wolff, Nadine Breitfuß, Ludwig Brix,
Corinna Denk, Simon Kirschner, Nikolaj Klinger, Anna Magdalena Wagner

Radio Booth
Hosts: Maximilian Anelli-Monti, Fiona Faßler,
Julia Grillmayr, Romana Bund, Hannah Maule,
Marlies Stöger, André Tschinder

KLUB CLUB_birthday

SA, 29.6.2019 | Ab 20:00 | OK-Platz, Goldener Container
                              | Ab 23:30 | OÖ Kulturquartier, UNTEN | free admission

Dresscode: Kings & Queens of the SCHÄXPIR multiverse – cut out the SCHÄXPIRcrown
from the program book and dance until you pop!

Luca Carlotta   (visit me on Soundcloud)

Welia   (visit me on Soundcloud)