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Supernatural Digital Programm

June 16, 2021: Opening of the 11th edition of SCHÄXPIR

Welcome to the opening of the 11th edition of SCHÄXPIR at the Anton Bruckner Private University and via livestream on the screens. Moderator Katharina Hofmann leads through an hour of programme and interviews from politics and with our director team.

Artistic programme: The supernatural snail performers of Nora Jacobs welcome the guests and show - as an artistic prelude - what is actually quite natural. Multifaceted songwriting away from the platitudes of Paul Plut and his band Viech. An exclusive insight in advance into the co-production of SCHÄXPIR with the Anton Bruckner Private University in "Die Geschichte von AK und der Menschheit" as a scenic intervention. The flying objects of visual artist Johannes Steiniger attend the festival and inspire you to take off.

Livestream is available on DorfTV from 17:30. 


A magical book opens itself. A book which doesn’t contain letters or any textual content? However, the pages show moving pictures which take us on an exciting musical journey through the inside of the Landesbibliothek Linz. Mystical sounds, tingling bookshelves and surprising experiences await all adventurers - no matter if young or old. Pssssssst! - A 20-minute interactive travel film.

Click here for the film. Online from 16.06.2021 18:30. And here is support material.


Sina Heiss always approaches her themes in an interdisciplinary way between the music, body and space. In „#schalldicht“ we are given headphones and are lead by her into the shenanigans of four locked-up-by-accident teenagers in a sound studio. In the involuntary time together they are forced to face the grand themes of life like love, pizza, oceans, proximity, and distance. As a listener one can decide for themselves which plot line to follow.

Information: Age limit must be respected. The audience operates with headphones.

Click here for the film. 

KLUB CLUB_matinée Rosa Anschütz, Rosa Rendl, Conny Frischauf und SALÒ

Sunday, 20.6. 11:30 Uhr, Botanischer Garten

The music program of SCHÄXPIR, called „KLUB CLUB“, leaves its well-known habitat of dark, contorted clubs and concert stages to create a completely different parallel world: The KLUB CLUB_matinée transforms the Botanical Gardens of Linz into an open-air pop-music soundstage. Meet between rose gardens, daffodil meadows, and snow-heath arrangements. Enjoy the company of butterflies and mason wasps, while listening to the sounds, harmonies, and basses floating through the air - super natural. 

Rosa Rendl 
Dino Spiluttini
Rosa Anschütz

Livestream is available from Sunday 20.06 11:30 on DorfTV.. 


SCHÄXPIR freut sich in Kooperation mit Assitej Austria von 20. bis 22. Juni 2021 Gastegeberin für den STELLA*21-Darstellender.Kunst.Preis für junges Publikum zu sein. Es ist uns gerade jetzt wichtiger denn je herausragende Produktionen mit dem STELLA auszuzeichnen, welche 2020 vor und während der Covid-19 Krise entstanden sind.


Die Preisträger*innen werden bei einem Festakt am Sonntag, 20. Juni 2021 beim SCHÄXPIR Theaterfestival in Linz gekürt. Der Eintritt ist frei, um Anmeldung unter office@assitej.at wird gebeten. Ausgewählte Stücke des STELLA*21 können im Rahmen des SCHÄXPIR Theaterfestivals am 21. und 22. Juni besichtigt werden und stehen wie das gesamte Programm von SCHÄXPIR 2021online unter WWW.SCHAEXPIR.AT ab 15. Mai zur Kartenreservierung bereit. 

Click here to watch the live stream of the award ceremony on Facebook.