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The evening explores bio-technological ways of sensing, experimenting and feeling in a non-human context, in both art and science. Although digital technologies often seem invasive, controldriven, impolite and commodifying, they offer promising new ways of getting in touch with the pluriverse we currently inhabit: Early-21st-century’s terra is a place of ongoing ecological and decolonial struggle, of inequality and destruction of homes, flora and fauna – humans included. Yet, it is a time full of new possibilities of connection, solidarity and care-taking between humans and other critters.

Three speakers and their projects: Moritz Matschke and his experiments with precarious border crossings that follow migrating storks on their trips between Europe and Africa. Kathrin Friedrich investigates adaptive media in the life sciences. Kate Donovan focuses on more-than-human networks through sonification and radio art.


More-than-human sensations: A bio-technological pluriverse

English only / public event / Admission free

Prof. Dr. Karin Harrasser
Moritz Matschke (PhD-student, University of Art and Design Linz)
Kathrin Friedrich (University Potsdam)
Kate Donovan (PhD-student, Potsdam University)