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What roles do our fathers play in our lives? How are we shaped by them? Do we need conflicts with them in order to grow, and how do we deal with that? What do our fathers want to pass on to us? In a playful manner these questions are raised on the basis of the manifold father conflicts in Intrigue and Love by Schiller.


Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien / AHS Rahlgasse / Junges Volkstheater Wien (Austria)

50 min

Management: Constance Cauers, Frank Panhans, Theresia Ladstätter
Performers: Bagher Ahmadi, Nikita Dendl, Gerome Ehrler, Jana Ermilova, Benita Martins, Julia Mikusch, Hannah Rang, Runa Schymanski, Philipp Laabmayr und SchülerInnen der AHS Rahlgasse Wien