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© Imre Lichtenberger Bozoki

History is not only made, but also written – and that is hardly ever done by poor or oppressed people, or people with no means, but by those people who you would not consider to be opponents to the powers that be. In the PROLETENPASSION the “history of the rulers” is contrasted with the “history of the ruled”.


Die Prolos (Austria)

150 min

Direction: Christine Eder
Musical direction: Gustav, Knarf Rellöm
Equipment: Monika Rovan
Video: Philipp Haupt
Sound equipment: Alexander Bossew
Scientific advice: Lukas Franke, Mario Matzer
Dramaturgy: Hannah Lioba Egenolf
Assistance: Anna Laner
Performers: Claudia Kottal, Tim Breyvogel, Bernhard Dechant, Gustav, Elise Mory, Didi Kern, Imre Lichtenberger Bozoki, Oliver Stotz, Thomas Butteweg

A production of Werk X (vienna).
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