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William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette as a virtual theater experience – for two people at a time with VR-glasses, dive into the most famous love story as a virtual duo. You, Julia? You, Romeo?

Access via backyard / parking lot
(Stage entrance Landestheater Linz)


CyberRäuber - Theater der virtuellen Realität (Germany)

Austrian premiere
ca. 45 min (Admission every 20 min for two people)

Development & Concept: Björn Lengers & Marcel Karnapke (CyberRäuber)
Direction: Branko Janack
Music: Max Nübling
Visual Consulting: Cleo Niemeyer
Production: CyberRäuber, Kunstfest Weimar
Performers: Bastian Heidenreich, Julius Kuhn, Lutz Salzmann, Isabel Tetzner, Dascha Trautwein

--->>>Click here for the trailer

Telephone reservation is requested
--->>> Hotline: 0664/600 72 88 927

It is still possible to wait on-site for a slot or to be registered on the waiting list.