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In the form of border controls, at airports or in other public buildings, or in the course of self-optimization, abstinence, diets, or sexuality – control and loss of control are topics that people are confronted with on a daily basis. Das Junge Theater goes on a search for clues in the day-to-day life of someone controlled.

Together with students of the NMS 17, the young theater embarks on a search for clues in everyday life with a multitude of questions in the footsteps of the (delusional) sense of the controlled.

Meeting point: 20 minutes before the performance starts in the Foyer Kammerspiele.

In collaboration with NMS 17 (Rennerschule) within the context of the program Blick_Wechsel - Development processes with cultural education for compulsory schools.

With support from Kulturkontakt Austria.


Landestheater Linz / Junges Theater (Austria)

SCHÄXPIR Coproduction
ca. 60 min

Direction: Nele Neitzke
Stage & Costumes: Emilia Schmucker
Dramaturgy: Jennifer Maria Bischoff
Performers: Steven Cloos, Anna Katharina Fleck, Karina Pele, Lukas Weiss