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Turn around and enjoy the view!

Oberösterreichische Nachrichten of  9/11/2001

According to the good old saying “Somewhere along your journey don’t forget to turn around and enjoy the view” we are not just heading euphorically towards our 10th anniversary, but also aim to joyfully contemplate on our path to get here. 2002 was the year of the first SCHÄXPIR festival. Our media partners, the local radio station Radio FRO and the school radio broadcast Radio FRECH, have summed up the SCHÄXPIR journey in the following delightful anniversary programme. Lean back and tune into the SCHÄXPIR story:


Radio FRO/FRECH BLOG on 10th anniversary

It is actually the diversity of all people involved - from organisers, spokespersons and artists on and behind stage to any kind of participant - that has made SCHÄXPIR what it is today: one of the biggest international theatre festivals for young audiences in Europe – known worldwide for its innovative artistic brilliance.

It is time to say THANK-YOU.
Together we are SCHÄXPIR!