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© Raffaela Janetschko

The time has come! The tickets for this year’s jubilee edition are online. In yesterday’s press conference the festival team presented the diverse program. In keeping with the motto MULTIVERSUM. Everything is real. SCHÄXPIR dedicates itself to the question what theatre can be in the digital age, and thereby delves into many new innovative formats.

During the process of curating we made sure that we would confront our young audiences with social realities, states of present, and scenarios of the future, and encourage them to reflect upon such issues,” say the artistic directors Julia Ransmayr and Sara Ostertag. The topical focus this year is on digitization, media virtuality, democracy, gender role models, and social responsibility.

Once more in 2019, SCHÄXPIR invites you to see the big picture of daily perception. Secure your tickets for the most sought after productions at SCHÄXPIR 2019 online.