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SCHÄXPIR 2017 is over

Tanzen für AnfängerInnen (c) Voggeneder

On Saturday, 1 July 2017, the ninth edition of SCHÄXPIR came to an end.

The diversity of the performances, genres, presentation forms, aesthetic approaches, age groups of visitors, music trends at the Nightline, and educational offers during the ten days of the festival was tremendous, as was the interest of the public.

SCHÄXPIR is one of the most important theater festivals for young people in Europe; trying to portray it in all its facets in one short text would be an impossible feat. You simply had to be there! – and certainly a great many people were there at this year’s festival!

A total of 16,000 visitors came to SCHÄXPIR this year. There were 111 performances during the ten days of the festival. With the audience capacity filled to 86 percent, the festival directors and the team can be more than satisfied.

Pictures often say more than many words: