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Let's dance! Bodies speak louder than words

© Jiro Shimizu

SCHÄXPIR is ready for take-off. An impressive selection of dance theatre plays deals with timeless, current and universal questions of our society.

Unkraut (14+) is a performance of six young dancers questioning the stereotypical image of womanhood. Something that they may embody themselves, but something they intend to shift at the same time.

Si(e)si – 5 mm über dem Boden (8+) is not only a play about breakdance, but an examination of our own movement based on our gender identification. A performance that intends to strengthen the position of women – as practiced by B-girls – in this society’s perception.

Invisible (8+) gets different generations on stage together and is about the great questions in life, about betterment, hope, and solace when people lose their points of reference. A multi-layered piece of universal poetry for both young and old.

In [white hole] (12+) two dance performers invite you to dive deep into a world in which human beings and machines live in unity together. Together we will explore how the technologically “enhanced” human kind will act, think, and feel in the future.

Role Model (12+) lets six personalities embrace their strengths to an atmospheric soundtrack by DJ Streamer. Six women. Strong together. Both male and female at the same time. Sometimes fearless, sometimes unsure. Sometimes passionate, sometimes soft. All that, and so many more nuances.

Play! (10+) is a brilliant dancing interpretation of Pieter Bruegel’s famous painting “Children’s Games”. Individual games are re-enacted and combined with movements from various sports that centre around competition, discipline, and performance pressure. What happens when the rules and the performance become more important than fun?