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Let’s face it! Politics & the world we live in

© Kurt van der Elst

Some theatre plays are just perfectly spot on when it comes to nailing political situations. They help us see the bigger picture, reflect and discuss. That is exactly what SCHÄXPIR 2019 is aiming at! We want you all to check out the following plays:

Proletenpassion 2019 (14+) with music from the famous Austrian band “Gustav” contrasts the “history of the rulers” with the “history of the ruled”. As a matter of fact history is not only made, but also written – and that is hardly ever done by poor or oppressed people, or people with no means, but by those who you would not consider to be opponents to the powers.

Martin Luther King (11+) is about a young Martin who begins school after a care-free childhood and suddenly sees what inequality actually means. An impressive story about an impressive person in an impressive production. About grand dreams of equality and justice. The play won the Dutch award for young theatre „Silverne Krekel“.

The internationally celebrated highlight Paradise now (1968-2018) (16+) is all about the disappointment and anger of the young. An outrageous and thrilling performance against a generation leaving behind a destroyed planet. Taking a look at the past, at the revolts of 1968 and it’s feeling of renewal might tell us something about our future…