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Heading towards our Anniversary – a peak into the MULTIVERSE

© Land OÖ / Sandra Schauer

We are taking big, cheerful steps towards our 10th festival edition in 2019. Our artistic directors, Sara Ostertag und Julia Ransmayr, have developed a multi-faceted program – a crème-de-la-crème of international and regional theatre productions. All the gory details of our festival program will be announced in spring 2019.


However, we are thrilled to tell you about our motto 2019 – setting our upcoming festival in a contemporary and societally relevant context.


MULTIVERSE. It is all real.

A game with the dimensions time and space and the diversity of digital and physical worlds and realities that constantly surround us.


We will explore this much discussed phenomenon from the perspective of an awareness with all senses. “We would like to invite the audience to experience and reflect upon this multiversal perception on what is all there on parallel levels.”