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A New SCHÄXPIR Generation

SCHÄXPIR Team 2017
Cornelia Lehner, Sara Ostertag, Julia Ransmayr

Following eight successful festivals (2002 to 2015), at SCHÄXPIR we are happy to welcome a new generation: Stephan Rabl has passed on the artistic agendas of the festival to the two young theater-makers Julia Ransmayr and Sara Ostertag. Both have already been connected with the SCHÄXPIR Theater Festival for some time and look forward to taking up this new challenge.

Starting in 2016 there is also a change in the festival direction. Cornelia Lehner follows Renate Plöchl, who is head of the State Library of the Federal Province of Upper Austria since January 2016.

With this new SCHÄXPIR generation and full of energy, we have started preparations for the coming festival in 2017.