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Festival Centre & Info Point

SCHÄXPIR Festival Centre

in the Upper Austrian Culture Quarter (OÖ Kulturquartier): open daily from 24.6 to 30.6

SCHÄXPIR has multiple locations in the Upper Austrian Culture Quarter: the festival office is located in the foyer of the Ursulinenhof and awaits all guests with information and cheerfulness.
KLUB CLUB will take place in UNTEN – down the rabbit hole: on five evenings we offer the possibility to lengthen the festival day in the underground of Linz. On the Freideck our festival restaurant provides strengthening and is a meeting point for conversations during the seven festival days. The restaurant is open at noon and in the evening. Within and around the Upper Austrian Culture Quarter various events and workshops, participative formats, the room installation GOLDEN DELICIOUS and the dance performance [white hole] will take place.


on Taubenmarkt in the city centre of Linz: from 24.6 to 30.6, open daily from 10 am to 5 pm.

This is the place to go to to begin with and the meeting place for festival audiences and those interested. Here you can find programs, folders, and get personal advice. This hub is also not far away from the festival centre in the Upper Austrian Culture Quarter, or most of the venues.