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SAVE THE DATE! We are looking forward to our 10th anniversary edition - Jun 24th - Jun 30th 2019

SCHÄXPIR 2017 is over. What a great Festival!
We are already looking forward to the next SCHÄXPIR Festival 2019!

Looking back on SCHÄXPIR 2017:



The question that impels us for SCHÄXPIR 2017 is: How do we want to live together? Perhaps more than ever, we must ask ourselves which new forms of society are possible – on a small scale and on a large scale. Which friendships and relationships do we live? Which family connections do we move in, and how can the private become political here? Which community do we want to live in? What kind of society do we dream of, and how can dreams become a part of lived reality?

Theater has always been a place where people come together and a space of exchange and discussion. We want to charge our festival with questions, in order to invent and try out new possibilities of living together.

From 22 June to 1 July 2017, the international theater festival SCHÄXPIR takes place in Linz and Upper Austria for the ninth time. Since the beginning in 2002, the festival, initiated by the Federal Province of Upper Austria, has developed into a nationally and internationally acclaimed feature in the field of theater art for young people. New and unconventional approaches are the program. Since 2002 the festival has upheld the principle of showing sophisticated and high-quality productions!